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Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh – For Best Deals On Tour Packages

It's not wrong to say that as a family holiday destination in India, throughout the year is the Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh. Nature presents striking contrasts here making it a perfect all year round tourist destination. Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh, a paradise for seclusion seekers, nature and wildlife enthusiasts, adventure lovers and tourists from all parts of India and around the world, depends on their interest of what places they would like to visit.

Himachal Pradesh has a rich and varied landscape encompassing fertile plains, with vast grasslands, meadows, forests, hill stations, rivers, lakes and the Himalayan mountain system passing through it. For sheer geographical diversity, few places in the world are as richly endowed as Himachal Pradesh a state in North part of India. Knowing the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is necessary for planning a trip to the state. Each season has something different to offer to its visitors and it will be better off knowing the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh so you are prepared with the right clothes and can choose the right place as per the right time of visit and get the best deals on the tour package to Himachal Pradesh as per your interest.

For more detailed information of the best deals on the Best Himachal Pradesh tour packages or the best deals for the budget Kullu Manali Shimla Tour Package visit our website, send your inquiry to us on or contact us Summit Safari India, Whats app +91 9805051102. We at Summit Safari tours and travel based in Shimla would be happy to provide you with all the details and provide you with the cheap Family tour packages to Himachal Pradesh with the best deals on Shimla Kullu Manali family tour packages.

The Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh for the Kullu Manali Shimla tour package or entire Himachal tour package in winters for Snow tours are the months of January, February and March. These best famous Hill Stations tours of India are these winter paradise of Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Khajjiar tour packages where you can experience the Fresh Snowfall.

During Kullu Manali Shimla Tour Package, in this time of the year Skiing, snow scooters rides, snow sledges, snow Zorbing, tubing, flinging snowballs at one another are exciting activities that you can indulge in your Tour package to Himachal Pradesh in the winters.

Every year after 10th January the tourist season slows down so you get the best travel deals for Himachal Honeymoon Tour Packages to experience the snow, making January and February the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh for a winter tour or for a Kullu Manali Shimla honeymoon tour. For Honeymoon tour packages Kullu Manali Shimla has been on the top list of the married couples for a memorable experience to spend quality time with each other. The best of honeymoon tour package to Himachal or to get the best deals on honeymoon tour package, couple can visit Himachal in any of the season throughout the year as each season provides a different experience during your travel to this heaven on earth and we take care of our each and every travel need including the candle light dinner, honeymoon cake, flower bed decorations etc.

The ski slopes at Narkanda near Shimla and Solang Valley Manali comes to life with adventure seekers having fun in snow and competing their way downhill. The months of January End and February are the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh for a snow leopard tour in Spiti Valley which has become quiet popular among the nature and wildlife lovers, photographers and the adventure tourists all around the World. Carry Warm woolen clothes, caps, scarves, thermal wears along with good pair of shoes during the winters.

The month of March and April with the Spring season, is a good time to visit Himachal Pradesh. The different valleys of Himachal, are bloomed with Cherry Blossom, Apple Blossom, Apricot Blossom, Plum Blossom, making it the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh during the flower blossoms. It’s a good time for the peace loving tourists travelling with families or as couples to enjoy the nature and to travel to Himachal Pradesh without any summer crowds of people following them. One can take the Apple Blossom Tour of Himachal Pradesh and visit the apple and cherry orchards to enjoy the beauty of nature. Or you can simply choose the most popular Kullu Manali Shimla tour package or could take entire Himachal tour Package with Amritsar.

Activities during this time includes the tour of the fruit orchards to enjoy the blossom, paragliding at Manali and Bir Biling, Rafting, Day Treks, Pony Rides, Yaks Rides and above all enjoy the snow activities all together during the months of March and April making it the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. The Best travel deals are available on the entire Himachal tour package and the Kullu Manali Shimla tour package with special discounts for the tours taken before 15th of April as till then it’s a slow time of the tourist season. You need to carry cotton clothes, with some warm woolens, pairs of socks, walking shoes, caps and scarves during these months.

As the temperature rises and reaches at its peak, May and June becomes the best time in the summers to visit the tourist places like Chail,Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Dhalhouise, Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh. This is the time of the year when the maximum numbers of tourists come to escape the heat of the plains and enjoy the refreshing cold winds of the hills and the famous hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. Due to demand the Tourist pay high value to visit the Rohtang Pass in a hope of seeing and touching the Snow, which is the dream of many Indian tourists and is going to be their first time experience in snow.

Tour packages to Himachal Pradesh and Kullu Manali Shimla tours are in great demand during these months of May and June making summers the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh but with the rise in hotel prices and transportation rates the cost of the tour packages also rises during this time of the year. If you want to travel during these months it is suggested to book the tours well in advance so that we can offer you the best holiday packages with best travel deals to Himachal Pradesh. Bring cotton clothes with sunhats, comfortable walking shoes with pairs of socks and light woolen clothes.

May and June is also the most popular and the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh for the people who do not want to see the touristic places of Himachal or already has been visiting the hill stations of Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dharamshala. For such seclusion seekers The Himachal Tribal Circuit Tours are open where one can take a tour to explore Sangla, Kalpa and Spiti valleys, which are full of natural mountain beauty and is still less explored.

First week of June also witness the Summer festival of Shimla. In the summers you can enjoy all adventure and fun activities including rafting, paragliding, and trekking, camping, horse riding, Yak riding making summers the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. You can choose from a variety of day treks to a few day treks or can go to explore the less travelled valleys like Tirthan near Great Himalayan national Park, with beautiful village set up by the rivers. Options of home stays and hotels all are available to enjoy the nature and the cold fresh mountain winds.

The month of July August and September brings the Monsoon clouds downs touching the mountains with rain showers but it is still the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh for the adventure and nature lovers. During the monsoon time you can discover the unexplored parts of Himachal Pradesh on the Tribal Circuit Tour to Spiti Valley for a tour to a land of high passes and deep valleys full of breathtaking scenic beauty.

Explore Tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh with our Tribal Tours of Himachal Pradesh. Still there are many safe places during monsoons to travel in India and Himachal Pradesh. When it is raining in rest of the India the accessibility to the circular route of Spiti valley is opened for the tourists. One can start from Shimla, covering the beautiful Sarahan,Sangla Kalpa valleys in Kinnaur region and further to Spiti valley finishing the tour at Manali.

Only during the months of July, August and September the circular adventure Spiti valley tour is possible, due to melting of the snow making the high mountain roads assessable over the mountain passes, for the travelers. Rest of the year the area remains under heavy snowfall and cannot be visited by the regular tourists on a Circular tour of Spiti valley. You would not be able to do rafting and paragliding but would be able to do trekking in Kinnaur and Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh. There could be some landslides during the journeys but they are cleared soon by the state PWD department and the Border Roads Organizations in Kinnaur and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

July, August and September is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh as on the exciting road trip to Spiti valley or on an organized trek over the mountain passes, you will experience the wonders and natural beauty that will keep you spell bound for a long time. The constantly evolving scenery is unforgettable and well worth the journey through. You will have an unforgettable holiday if you visit Spiti valley and Chandra Tal lake tour during the time of July, August and September. Remember to carry cotton clothes, with sun hats, light woolen clothes, pair of socks, sun cream, good walking shoes and a rain coat or an umbrella.

October and November with its pleasant weather is another best time to visit Himachal Pradesh and to take a Himachal holiday tour package of your choice covering Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dhalhousie, Khajjiar, Dharamshala along with Amritsar. Starting of October brings the Festival times and October and November becomes the best time to Visit Himachal Pradesh, famous for Dusherrra festival at Kullu. It's also the time of Durga Puja and with the End of October the tourist season to visit Kalpa Sangla and Spiti valley also comes to an end.

During this time of the year weather is not too cold ,its dry with bright sunny days and cool evenings of the beautiful hill stations. It is the ideal time for the sightseeing in pleasant weather. The activities like paragliding, rafting starts again after the monsoon breaks. This time of the year does not recieve any snow fall in the hill stations of Shimla, Kullu Manali but November End is the time for the fresh snowfall on the mountains of Himachal Pradesh which is also the starting of the winter tours to the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh.

The winter Carnivals, Christmas and New Year celebrations, chances of fresh snow falls in the hill stations make December the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. The days have nice warm sun but the night temperature falls down to 10-8 degrees. Tourists in December end are greeted with snowflakes. Paragliding and Rafting depends on the weather but horse rides, yak rides, dirt bikes, day treks, nature walks, bonfire and camping, winter carnival at Manali, ice skating at Shimla are some of the activities available during this time of the year in December.

We provide you the best deals for Christmas and New year tour packages to Kullu Manali Shimla where the new Year's Eve celebrations continue with dance, music and fun till midnight. It is suggested to book your Christmas and New Year Tour Package to Himachal Pradesh well in advance as it's the peak of the tourist season and hotel accommodations are sold out 3-4 months in advance at all the hill stations including Shimla Kullu Manali Dharamshala Dhalhouise.

Weather In Himachal Pradesh: As Himachal Pradesh is developed into an all year tourist destination so there is no Off Season for the tourists and throughout the year is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. Basically snowfall can be from December to March, 4 months in a year and temperature falling sometimes around 0 – 14 degrees during these months in the hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.

With a pleasant weather in Mid March - April and October and November, temperature remains between 18- 24 degrees.

Summer season is short and not too hot, arrives in May and June with pre-monsoon rain showers with an average temperature around 28-30 degrees, making it the most crowded and busy time in the hill stations. Frankly speaking if you plan to visit Himachal Pradesh during this time of the year do plan 3-4 months in advance for the best deals and good travel arrangements for your families and friends.

Monsoons are from July, August to early September with rain showers and clouds on earth making it a beautiful misty time in the hills and the roads to Spiti valley tour in the high mountains of Himachal Pradesh open only during this time period, with temperature around 26- 30 degrees. Nature’s bounty is splendid during this season and with the light mist and beautiful atmosphere of the green hills. The tour to Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh is going to be a lifetime experience during this time of the year and is considered totally safe. Roads if blocked by landslides are opened quickly by the government.

The low season for tourists starts after 10th January till the end of March and from 15th July to September end in Himachal Pradesh except the Spiti valley. To travel during the time of low season you get a good discount on flights, hotels, transportations, travel deals. The time of low season also becomes the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. Various travel agents including the Summit Safari India, based in Shimla provides best deals and tour packages to Kullu Manali and Shimla along with the entire Himachal tour packages.

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