Yoga Meditation and Relaxation Tours India -Summit Safari India is delighted to present this life changing journey to Relax, Repair and Rejuvenate yourself through Yoga tours to India. Our Yoga Meditation and Relaxation Tour India can been taken by people of all ages and all fitness levels. You can choose from a list of our yoga meditation relaxation group tours or ask us to tailor-made a private and personalized yoga meditation and relaxation tour to India accompanied by our Expert Indian Yoga instructor.

Yoga is for everyone and our Yoga Meditation and Relaxation tour India we provide you the combination of physical, mental and easy breathing exercises along with some basic meditation techniques traditionally developed by the ancient saints of India. Trough our easy Yoga and relaxation techniques we make you sure that you will be stress- free and would feel calm and relax after the tour with us.

Summit Safari India and our expert Yoga teacher who will be an overall guide and Yoga instructor during the entire tour will make a great deal of effort to ensure that every day of our tours is a highlight that you will remember forever. During your Yoga and relaxation tour India you will discover the real culture of these joyful, gentle, warm hearted people as we explore the Heritage and Natural Sights of India while practicing yoga and meditation each day from the Plains of India to the Foothills and to the High Himalayas.

On the Yoga meditation and Relaxation Tours India we will enjoy many of the yoga and relaxation sessions on roof top, under open sky and nature facing the forests, river, Mountain landscapes in a peaceful environment which help manage stress, control anxiety, bring emotional well being, keeps you relax, plus you feel more contentment in your life.


Our Yoga Meditation and relaxation tours India also helps in stimulates energy, increasing flexibility, muscle strength and body tone. It improves respiration, improve intake of oxygen and capacity of lungs, stimulates glands- balancing the quality of hormones in blood canalizes the emotions energy, build strength, eliminates toxins, relives pain , raise your confidence, understating and calm the mind. It helps in improving your Immune system, Physical Health, mental Health and healing your soul so you can life up a stress free, happy and healthy life.

Performing breathing asana (yoga techniques) properly and systematically gives subtle pressure on various glands, restores the proper secretion of hormones and gives emotional balances, will power, confidence, peace of mind and good emotional well being, mental health physical health

You can choose for yoga, meditation and relaxation one to one class while staying at our Yoga Meditation and Relaxation retreat in the foothills of Himalayas or can join us on a group tour with Vicki Rebecca or can choose for a private tour with an expert Indian yoga teacher.

Yoga Meditation & Relaxation tour India

Yoga Meditation & Relaxation tour India

15 Nights / 16 Days

Location : The Foothills Of the Himalayas - North India
Best Season : October and November

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