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The White Wonder - Spiti Valley in Winters

Experience the White Wonders and unexpected beauty at it’s Best at the Spiti Valley on a Road trip in the winters. The entire Spiti valley turns into a magical fairy land with frozen Spiti river, waterwalls and lakes with white spread of snow till miles and miles in the winters. Crisp cold air, glistening snow under your feet, the world's finest mountain sceneries, pictures of white snowy mountains, sighting of rare and exotic wildlife, are the rewards of the Spiti Valley Winter Tour Package 2023-2024 customised to your needs by Summit Safari India. Specialise in helping to create a Spiti Valley Winter Expedition Trip full of memories to share with family & friends - Summit Safari India, the local travel Expert for Spiti Valley tour and Holidays in Winter contact no +9198050501102 and Email

Ultimate Guide to Visit Spiti Winter Travel – Are roads to Spiti Open in Winters

In the below article get the full details how to plan a trip to Spiti in Winters, which is better route for Spiti valley in winters, how many days are sufficient to Spiti valley, Spiti in winters most common itinerary, get great deals make the best travel plans and book the Winter Spiti valley Tour as per the suggestions of the local travel experts.

Our Best Customised and well-designed Winter Spiti Valley Tour Package Itineraries take you to venture out on this extraordinary road trip. Enjoy the beauty of the Winter Road Trip through wilderness landscapes to the snow- covered White Spiti Valley in a car driven by experienced local driver. For the adventure and snow lovers Spiti is among the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh in winter, which will convince your heart completely. Winter holidays tour to Spiti from Shimla we drive over the mountains and explore Spiti valley in Winters - A trip of the Lifetime.

Spiti Valley Snowfall Time - Can We Go to Spiti In December January

Spiti see early snowfall in Mid October blocking the road and the circular Spiti tour over the Kunzum pass towards Manali for the next 7 months. Regularly Spiti valley Snowfall time is from November to March and the snow in the higher reaches of Spiti valley remains till early June. Snow can cover the ground for almost six months in the year at Spiti crowing the valley as the Cold Desert. With a slightly change in travel itinerary, you can go to visit Spiti and travel through the valley on a tour in November- December- January- February-and March too. January, February, and March are called the extreme winter months with snowfall time in Spiti Valley when the thick blanket of white snow turns the entire valley into the white wonder land. Winters from November to March are usually quiet cold, freezing so you need to pre plan your Spiti Valley Road Trip In Winter and book this through a local reliable travel agent in Shimla which Summit Safari India proves to be always contact no +9198050501102, and provides you complete information on Spiti Valley Winter Trip which can be customised, as per your travel needs.

The Best Spiti Valley Winter Route – Spiti By Road

Travel to Spiti in the winter months is an exciting thought but you should be well planned and pre- organise book your tour well in advance. The Only access road in Winters from Shimla to Spiti via Rampur-Tapri-Nako -Tabo - Kaza remains opens almost throughout the winters expect for a couple of days when it really snows heavily. Spiti Valley Tour in Winter Months need to be started from Shimla to Spiti and come back the same way out back towards Shimla- there is no other alternative route to travel to Spiti in Winters. In winters the road at Kunzum Pass remains close due to heavy snowfall, blocking the route access from Spiti to Lahaul and Kullu Manali. So Spiti in winters is not possible to visit via Manali in the months from mid October to May end.

The Side valleys of Spiti like Pin Valley, the road to Muumy Of Gue, Dhankar, route to Kibber, Hikkim-Komic- Langza might also be closed in extreme winters due to heavy snowfall making driving difficult. Even if you don’t notice the snow on roads, Spiti roads in winters and covered with frozen black icy which is impossible to see with eyes so travelling in your own four-wheeler, 4 X 4 Self Drive Spiti Winter Expedition, Spiti Winter Bike Ride is not recommended. You need an experienced local driver to drive you on these icy frozen roads. Freezing temperatures, fresh Snowfall, Snow avalanches, rolling stones in Spiti are some of the unexpected winter challenges that you need to face while Travelling to Spiti in Winters.

Be flexible and be prepared for sudden changes in your Spiti winter tour plans, as it will not be good to stuck in such a remote Himalayan cold desert in the winter months with very limited resources and facilities. The nearest major airport and railway station is Chandigarh 520 kms to Spiti , while Shimla 420 kms to Spiti has seasonal flights with a Toy Train link with Kalka in the plains. Spiti by road is only the way to explore the White Wonder- Spiti in Winters.

Detailed Road Trip in Snow -Winter Itinerary and Best Travel Detailed Plan

Below mentioned is the Most Popular Spiti Winter Road Trip Itinerary: 7 Nights / 8 Days

  • Day 1: Arrival Delhi / Chandigarh and drive to Shimla
  • Day 2: Drive Shimla To Sangla
  • Day 3: Drive Sangla To Tabo
  • Day 4: Drive Tabo to Kaza
  • Day 5: Kaza Local sightseeing visiting-Hikkim-Komic- Langza-Key-Kibber-Chicham-kaza
  • Day 6: Drive Kaza to Kalpa
  • Day 7: Drive Kalpa to Shimla Back
  • Day 8: Drive Shimla to Chandigarh / Delhi back
Important Itinerary Discussion

The above Spiti valley Tour is suggested in the Winter Months of Mid October to Mid May when travel via Manali is not possible. Slight changes like skipping Kalpa, Sangla, Chitkul, Gue and Pin Valley are recommended if you are planning to travel to Spiti in the Extreme winter months of January and February. As all these places are inside valleys or at a more height than the main highway and the town of Kaza, so these places receives more snowfall in January and February making driving impossible or difficult to drive on icy roads through heavy snowfall. Depending on the amount of Snowfall at these areas Summit Safari India, the local travel experts will suggest you the best travel plans Contact No +9198050501102, for January and February Winter Spiti Valley Tour. During the months of January and February you can skip Kalpa, Sangla and Chitkul as the roads would be closed due to heavy snowfall—staying at Rampur and Sarahan would be a far better option during the Spiti Valley Winter Tour.

Winter Accommodations in Spiti Using Home Stays and Hotels

With the fall of temperature to minus the natural sources of water start freezing in October and there is no running tap water available by November, so most of the budget and luxury hotels get closed for Winters In Spiti Valley and only reopen again from mid-April. Winter accommodation to stay in Spiti is provided using, a few comfortable, warm and cosy Spiti Mud houses and home stays in Spiti valley during the trip in white winter snow months, those are operated by some local families. Bathing or shower may not be possible for couple of days and traditional dry compost toilets are the only choice at your home stay during the Spiti Valley Winter Trip

Good warm meals are served in traditional kitchen which have Bukaris (Wood Stoves/ Tandoor) in the centre, to keep one warm. Authentic Spiti food and cuisine includes Momos (dumplings stuffed with mashed potatoes or vegetable), Thukpa, Churpe, Tsampa (barley Floor), Tingmo (Steamed Bread), Daal, Rice, along with Vegetables. All local cafes are closed during the winter months in Spiti. Some home stays do provide the facilities of electric blankets, but be prepared for long electric cuts, low voltage or power interruptions due to heavy snowfall as well as mobile signals and Wi-Fi will also disappear. Use of electric room heaters are charged extra on per night basis.

How To Plan Spiti Valley In Winters - Be Prepared And Things To Keep in Mind

While travelling to Spiti always remember and don’t forget, you are on a Spiti valley Rod Trip in Winters, through one of the remotest part of Trans Himalayas. Don't Expect to much or any kind of Luxury- Only neat and clean accommodation and basic Warm food is available—that’s all. Your driver and host is trying to provide his best to you with limited resources available in Spiti valley during winters. You have to be flexible and be ready for sudden changes to your travel plan depending on weather and unexpected changes in road conditions. You need to understand fully that your travel itinerary is subject to favourable weather and road conditions and your driver will show you the best possible weather permitting..!

Spiti Valley Winter Trip in Snow provides an extreme adventure challenge both for men and machine. As you are travelling to high altitude the oxygen level is below normal and one can feel some heavy breathing. You need to be mentally and physically fit to take this extreme adventurous Spiti tour during the snow time. Most important keep yourself warm, carry your medicines with basic medical kit, wear warm woollen clothes with jackets, caps, drink hot water as much as you can and above all avoid consumption of Alcohol. The nearest Basic hospital would be at Reckong-Peo / Rampur or at Shimla which are around 200/450 kms far behind in the valleys. Don’t panic and stay cool enjoy the mountain beauty in the Winter Snowfall Season in Spiti.

Month Wise Tentative Winter Temperature in Spiti Valley

January and February are the coldest months of the years making your Spiti Winter Travel tough, and challenging- but absolutely rewarding during the Spiti Snowfall Season. With the White Winter Tour to Spiti enjoy spectacular snow-covered mountain scenery during the Spiti Valley Winter Tour package

MonthMaximum Day TemperatureMinimum Night Temperature
October12°C to 18°C-2°C to -12°C
November5°C to 8°C-11°C to -18°C
December5°C to -4°C-11°C to -22°C
January-13°C to 0°C-14°C to -28°C
February-8°C to 4°C-14°C to - 26°C
March4°C to 9°C-4°C to -15°C
April5°C to 10°C-4°C to -10°C
May12°C to 18°C6°C to -4°C
June18°C to 26°C11°C to 16°C
July18°C to 26°C11°C to 16°C
August18°C to 26°C7°C to 12°C
September17°C to 22°C3°C to 8°C
Spiti Things and activities to do in Winters

The trip to Spiti in Winters is a memorable, once in a life time snow experience for you. Spiti’s beauty gets even better during the winter months, turning it to a winter wonderland. ice skating, snow treks, home stays with locals, cooking and culinary Spiti tour, spotting wildlife, cultural experiences and village walks through some of the World’s highest villages provides authentic travel escapade for travellers on the Spiti Valley Winter Trip

For a hassle free well planned customised Winter tour to Spiti contact the most reliable and professional local travel agent Summit Safari India at +9198050501102 , Email :

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