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We are a travel agent registered and approved by the Department of Tourism, of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, India. This means that we operate legally and adhere to government standards for tourism. We provide a service which is safe and comfortable for our clients, at a cost which is clear at the start of your trip. There are no hidden extras.

Whichever travel agency you use, it is important to check that it is properly licenced, and that the licence is valid and up to date. Also that the charges stated at the outset are what you will actually pay. Tipping is not included in the price, but is at the discretion of clients, and Summit Safari is able to provide advice on this.

The safety and well-being of our clients is of paramount importance to us. All of our tours are led by professional and experienced guides. Our job is to ensure that you are safe and comfortable, and getting maximum enjoyment from your visit.

We design our high-altitude tours very carefully to ensure that clients are acclimatized gradually as they ascend in altitude, and we take acclimatization very seriously. We are also very concerned about food hygiene and do our best to ensure that food is well cooked and will not cause stomach upsets. We also use clean accommodation, and suitable transport and equipment.

We work honestly and wish to provide you with an unforgettable Indian Himalayan experience, which will suit your interests. We encourage you to ask questions, and we always ask clients to contribute to the planning stages of the trip. Following your trip, we also ask you to complete a survey form, so that we can act on the feedback we get to keep improving our service.

Non violence is not a weapon of the weak, but of the strongest and bravest. - Mahatama Gandhi

The government of India is a democratic, secular and stable government without any political chaos and is providing enhanced security to tourists and to its citizens. The people of India have not provoked incidents of terrorism, but have stood resolute and strong and are acclaimed by foreign leaders. India is an amazing nation, the largest democracy in the world, with huge diversity, secularism, and above all hospitality. Every Indian, of whatever religion enjoys celebrating the festivals of other religions. North Indian destinations such as Himachal Pradesh, Leh Ladakh, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Amritsar, Dharamshala, Manali, Shimla are very peaceful places without disruption of the peace and even the crime rates are negligible. These places are situated in lower and central Himalayas of great scenic beauty and staggering grandeur. The people are simple and warm hearted and offer great hospitality.

We offer a wide variety of different jeep safaris and trekking tours, to suit both novice and experienced travellers. Whether you have two days or a month to spend in the Himalayas, we will tailor your itineraries to suit your wishes and interests. We will take you to the most unspoiled and remote areas with the panorama of the Himalayan peaks in the background. We will show you the most beautiful countryside where the people are warm-hearted and friendly, but we will also show you wonderful architecture in the big cities if you wish.

We discuss and respect your suggestions and plans for your holidays. Our aim is to take you to a world, totally different from your own, and to allow you time and tranquility to enjoy the awe inspiring landscape to the full. The great majority of our treks could be undertaken by anyone in good health who enjoys the outdoor life, and has a spirit of adventure!

We have over 10 years of extensive experience in leading groups and people in the North Indian Himalayan states. We have explored all these parts of the North Indian Himalayan States ourselves. Our guides and staff are honest, trustworthy, and dedicated to your comfort safety and happiness during your journey. Our hope is that all our clients will leave India with grand tales to share with their families and friends at home and will want to return to us again and again!

Professional and experienced guides are the foundation of our business. All guides are registered with the Department of Tourism of the state. They are knowledgeable about the region, and will be able to discuss the history of the region, culture and traditions with you. They are also knowledgeable about India too.

Our guides are very experienced in dealing with the effects of high altitude as they come from this region, and they can therefore take better care of their clients. They are also trained in basic first aid treatments.

We pay strict attention to cleanliness and personal hygiene in order to reassure our clients of any health concerns. We provide quality food of high standard. The travel packages vary as to the number of meals included, and we will make clear what meals are included when we provide you with trip briefing notes. Most of the lunch stops are on the way in a local restaurant. We provide you a wide variety of different cuisines such as European, American, Chinese, Tibetan and especially delicious Indian meals with a choice of seasonal fruits and juices. All of your choice! If you are on a special diet, we will be happy to pre alert the hotels where you would stay, to serve you accordingly. Most important we provide bottled mineral water throughout the trip.

After a full day travelling, we know the importance of a neat, clean and comfortable room. There are many categories of hotels in India (from no-star to five star hotels), but we arrange conveniently located and specially selected hotels, guest houses, home stays with local communities or luxury camping for travellers---all of which provide something a little different from the main stream of chain hotels, whilst maintaining comfort. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot and cold running water.

We provide air conditioned and non-air conditioned luxury chauffeur-driven cars, and jeeps according to your requirements. We provide the most suitable vehicles for the roads and terrain you will be travelling on. All our drivers are very experienced and will drive to take care of your comfort and safety. Very comfortable for 2- 4 persons with one guide in a jeep; private air-conditioned chauffeur-driven (taxi) will vary in size depending on the number of people. On most of your trips we will be using modern luxury jeeps or cars when travelling as a few individuals or travelling in a group. However for small groups we use 8-9 seater Tempo Travellers, 15-18 seater Mini Coaches and up to 35 seater large coaches depending on group size, to make certain that you have ample space to move about and see the sights.

For small parties we provide luxury jeeps or cars, so where it is appropriate we use a set of jeeps instead of coaches as these are more comfortable for the Himalayan roads. For certain journeys we provide alternative travel by first class train, or air travel.

Our drivers are very experienced and careful and are well able to maintain vehicles and to deal with any mechanical problem should it arise. They are particularly experienced at driving on difficult Himalayan roads, and our clients have remarked in the past on their great skill.

We are committed to responsible tourism. We ensure that our tours are socially, culturally and environmentally sound. We feel strongly that we should respect local traditions, religion and heritage. Most important of all is that we ensure that the local communities benefit directly from your visit, so it is helpful to them to have you visit. We are dedicated to preserving the beautiful and fragile places that we visit and to the natural beauty of our land.

As an approved travel agent with the Department of Tourism, we are committed to providing the best possible service, and want to ensure a long term relationship with our clients to make their holidays memorable and pleasant, without any hassles. We want to make your journey the highlight of your life...!

We accept responsibility for ensuring that the holiday which you book with us is supplied as described by us on the website or any other literature printed by us, and the services offered reach the standard promised by us. We guarantee to perform our duties responsibly, honestly and with care to make your stay as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Tipping is a normal practice in India, and is done to indicate to the person concerned that they have done a very good job, and that what they have done is appreciated by the client. We are able to advise about the amount of a tip, and it is always seen as an encouragement to staff as it is a bonus to them. If you are travelling in a group we suggest you have a “tipping kitty”- in which each tourist contributes a certain amount at the start of the trip and gives the tour guide the authority to deal with all the tipping including the hotel people or drivers. People travelling individually or in small groups may wish to tip guides/ drivers etc themselves.

You can get in touch with us 24 hrs. a day by calling us on Mobile Phone Number + 91 94186 47516 or by e-mails or On the contact us page we provide the names of our team members and their contact details. The best way to get in touch is to send an e-mail to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Most probably Vishal Datta (our Senior trip adviser and Guide - who started this company - will be in touch with you or the managing director of the company will answer your enquiries.

The day you arrive in India at an international airport in north India you will be met and greeted by the company’s representative. You will be transferred to the hotel with him, and your tour will start from the next day. You will have a short briefing meeting with the Senior Adviser or Managing Director then, and your account can be settled shortly before the tour starts. A copy of your tour itinerary and the list of the hotels and important phone numbers will be provided to you in your travel pouch.

For group tours with minimum five persons we shall provide an escort. If the number is below five we may still, at our discretion, provide an escort. The escort will join you on the first full day of the tour and will remain with you for the main body of the tour. For some portions of the tour, normally at the end, the accompanying escort may leave you. In such instances local assistance is provided.

In India it is easy to change US dollars, pounds sterling, or euros into rupees. Money exchange can be done in the hotels or in the banks. You can also use your credit cards and debit cards in ATM machines. ATM machines are readily available throughout the country except for some places in the Himalayas. While on your tour your tour escort / guide will assist in finding a bank or cash machine if you need it. We make the suggestion that travellers do not carry large amounts of cash on them, but bring travellers cheques or bank cards instead, and we are able to provide advice about safe places to change money.

The company is not currently able to provide the booking of your international flight tickets from your home town to India and back. Therefore, it is best to book your return flights to India via a local ABTA registered travel agent in your home country or through the internet. We also advise that all clients take out insurance in their country of origin, and this should include theft, loss of goods, medical emergency repatriation and cancellation. We shall wish to check clients insurance details on arrival.

Once the clients have arrived in India we will be taking care of every need related to the tour from the very first moment till the last, until the clients are dropped back at the international airport to board the flight back to their home country.

The high altitude states of Jammu and Kashmir, Leh Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh are free from malaria. Malaria transmission is very low or nil in the areas at an altitude above 1500 metres. Anti-malarials are therefore not essential for travellers to these states of the Indian Union.

However, malaria is present in the lower states or Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan. It is especially a problem in the monsoon time (June to August end), and it is important that clients consult their doctor before travelling. There is no need of carrying a mosquito net to the Himalayas. If we feel the need to have mosquito nets, we shall provide them. It is always sensible to bring insect repellent when travelling.

It is important to consult your medical adviser before travelling concerning other necessary immunization. You will also find advice on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office website, and other appropriate government websites if you are travelling from the USA or elsewhere.

We have very good medical facilities in India. In the bigger cities we have a lot of government and private clinics. In the small towns or villages we have government hospitals and primary health care centres. Even travelling through the Himalayas we have hospitals throughout the valleys with basic good facilities of treatment.

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