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Pin Parvati Pass Trek - 19 Nights / 20 Days

Suitable for all the trek follows the ancient trade route from Kinnaur valley over Bhaba Pass(16,075feet) to Mudh village in Spiti Valley. It is a good combination of driving and trekking holidays.

Tour Briefing

Duration : 19 Nights / 20 Days

Loction : North India- Parvati Valley & Spiti Himalayas

Best Season : July to Early September

Category : Trekking

Covering : Rewalser > Kullu > Manikaran > Parvati Valley > Pin Valley > Spiti Valley > Tabo > Dhankar > Kaza > Kibber > Manali > Delhi

You can take it : As a private, personalised tour (tour dates would be of your choice)

Special About Tour :

The adventures trek joins Pin valley of Spiti Himalayas (Mud village) to the Parvati valley in Kullu valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India. It is believed to be the only pass in Himachal Pradesh Himalayas that was not discovered by enterprising local shepherds. Sir Louis Dane, an Englishman first discovered this high pass trek in 1884 as a short route, entry point to Spiti from Kullu valley.

The Pin Parvati Pass (5,319 metres) lies quiet high in the Himalayas and remains under heavy snow for most of the time in the year. The trek involves long trekking hours. It is one of the most difficult and adventures trek in this part of Indian Himalayas.

The trek starts from Barsheni village in Parvati valley above Manikaran in Kullu region and as you continue trekking to Mud village in the cold, dry, beautiful deserted Spiti valley, you will notice a change in the landscapes, religions of people and their culture. Kullu region & Parvati valley in the foothills of Himalayas are mainly dominated by the Hindus, their temples, culture and religion but the Spiti region in the Greater Himalayas is a Buddhist dominant area with many old Buddhist monasteries and villages. You will experience all different cultures while trekking on the Pin Parvati Pass trek.

The hot water springs of Parvati Kund at Khirganga the picturesque meadows of Parvati valley, lovely waterfalls on the way, a wide variety of alpine flowers, plants, birds and animals, natural made bridges, glacial lake at Mantalai, magnificent mountain views with the myriad rock formations of Pin Valley, the bird’s-eye view of the Parvati and Pin valley from the Pin Parvati pass will fascinate you and will provide a life time memorable, unforgettable trekking experience through the Great Himalayas to you…!

Brief Itinerary : New Delhi > Panjgain > Kullu > Manikaran > Barsheni > Khirganga >Tunda Bhuj > Thakur Kuan > Odi Thatch > Mantalai > Pin Parvati Base Camp > Base Camp II > Wichurang Thatch > Mud Village > Tabo > Kaza > Kibber > Kaza > Manali > New Delhi

You will be met from your flight to New Delhi International Airport by Summit Safari’s representative, and he will accompany you to your hotel in Delhi. Rest of the day is free at leisure to relax after the flight.

Early in the morning, you will be assisted to board the super fast Shatabdi Express train from New Delhi (07:40 AM) to Chandigarh (11:10 AM). Breakfast will be served to you on this first class train. At Chandigarh railway station we will be met by our driver and he will drive us to Panjgain (5 hrs), where we will stay in a village home stay with our host being an incredible local Indian Family. Evening tea and snacks will be served to you on your arrival at the village home stay and later on we will take a short walk around the village Panjgain. Overnight in village home stay.

Today morning after the breakfast we will continue our drive to Kullu. Enroute we will visit Rewalser village and lake famous for its Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries and Sikh shrine (Gurudwara). After lunch we will continue our drive to Kullu through Mandi, Pandoh Dam, and Bhuntar. We will stop for various photo stops enroute and will arrive at Kullu by late evening.

After breakfast we will hike up to the Bijali Mahadev temple (3-4 hrs) from Kullu. The walk will help you to acclimatise properly before going on a high altitude trek in Indian Himalayas. It is a three kilometres trek, climbing uphill from the village of Chansari. The ancient and strange Lord Shiva temple is set up in a beautiful meadow on the top of the hill, famous for its Shiva –Lingam, where lighting strikes every year resulting Shiva -Lingam shatters into two pieces. Later on accordingly to the traditions it is repaired with butter by the villagers. This temple provides panoramic and commanding views of the Central Himalayas with the Kullu and Parbati valleys. Walk down to Chansari village and drive to Manikaran in Parvati valley. Overnight stay in hotel / guest house in Manikaran.

Today after the breakfast we take a short drive to Barsheni village above Manikaran, where we will meet our ponies and the rest of the trekking staff including cooks, guide, helper, potters etc. We will load the ponies here and will start walking towards Tosh Nallah (water stream). After the Nagthan village we will walk along the river Parvati and then through the dense forest to Khirganga (2,860 metres / 9383 ft) (Trek 10 kms / 5 hrs). Enroute we walk through apple orchards, cross the river and water streams a couple of times and there are small local eating places till Khir Ganga. Khir Ganga (Khir means rice pudding with milk) is a holy place with a hot water sulphur spring. The river water is so white, as the milk- that this place was named Khir Ganga . You can visit a small temple dedicated to lord Shiva at Khir Ganga of lord Shiva and even could take your last chance to take a hot water bath in the spring water. The campsite at Khirganga offers a wonderful sunset in the evening. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we continue our trek to Tunda Bhuj - 3,200 metres / 10,500 feet (Trek 12 kms / 6 hrs) through forest of Pine trees. It is a beautiful steady walk through the forest and green meadows. We will also notice a series of lovely waterfalls on the huge mountain walls. There are a couple of water streams / river crossing through temporally bridges on them. While walking through the forest be careful, as some trails are slippery due to the monsoon water. The views of the snow capped peaks and the open Parvati valley looks pretty. We will reach Tunda Bhuj the beautiful camping place by late afternoon. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

This is a challenging day of the trek , because the trek is steep and difficult in some section close to Thakur Kuan - (3,570 Metres/ 11,712 ft) ( Trek 12kms, 6 hours). At Thakur kuan the Parvati Valley meets the valley of Dibibokri Nal, which climbs towards the Northeast to the Dibibokri Glacier and Dibibokri Pyramid Peak (6,400 metres). The area is characterised by abundant alpine flowers and rocky outcrops glittering with mica. This area lies within the Kanawar wild life sanctuary and is famous for the variety of wild life. The species of animals found in the sanctuary are musk deer, barking deer, brown bear, snow leopard, black bear, Himalayan Tahr, civet cat, Porcupine, Himalayan Blue sheep, flying squirrel etc. Pheasant like Western Tragopan and Cheer are also found in the sanctuary. Snow leopards are found in the high altitude of the Sanctuary area especially across the pass in Pin valley. Today a couple of times we will cross the river through temporary wooden bridge or hand pulled ropeway on the river. We will arrive the flat meadow ground across the Parvati River at Thakur Kuan by late afternoon. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we will continue our trek to Odi Thach (3,815 metres / 12,517 ft) (Trek 12 kms / 4-5 hrs), several shepherds encampments exist after the trail leaves Thakur Kuan and in two hours we will reach a natural rock bridge which is a stone staircase cut into huge boulder also known as the Pandu Pul (bridge) to cross the Parvati River and a southern tributary. According to legend, this bridge were created by the massive strength of the mythological Pandav brothers. From Pandu Pul, we climb gradually through the wide Upper Parvati valley through the boulders to the wide, high-altitude meadowland of Odi Thatch. We can notice Mt. Kullu Eiger in front of us at the right side along with some un-named peaks and glaciers and some waterfalls. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we will continue our trek to the sacred Mantalai Lake - 4,100 metres / 13,370 feet (Trek 10 kms / 5 hrs), the source of the Parvati River. Today it is a gradual trek through boulders, culminating in a plateau with large array of muddy swamp land next to Parvati River. We will enter to the moraines with high snow caped mountain and glaciers. Many times people are lucky to find quartz and semi precious stones around the Mantalai lake. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we will continue our trek to the east from Mantalai Lake to the Base camp of Pin Parvati Pass - 4,600 metres / 15,100 feet ( Trek 12 kms / 6-7 hrs). We will cross the glacier melted water streams without any bridge and then we will climb up through boulders and glaciers. Today it is a steep ascent for 6 to 7 hours, which will takes us to the base of Pin Parvati Pass into Pin valley National Park. It is a tiring climb and we will reach the base camp by late afternoon which is a green camping site and is surrounded with glaciers. From the camp we get beautiful view of the Himalayan peaks and Parvati glacier. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today very early morning after the breakfast we will continue our climb up to the Pin Parvati Pass - (5,315 metres / 17,451 ft) (Trek 12 kms / 6-7 hrs). The weather could be bad in the second half of the day so it is necessary that we cross the Pin Parvati pass ( 5,319 metres / 17451 feet) before the afternoon. A steep climb over the glaciers of approximately 3 hrs will take us to the top of the stunning Pin Parbati Pass. We can have the views of the mountains on to the Kullu valley, Spiti valley and Kinnaur valley from here. After crossing the glaciers and snow field we will start descending down to the base camp on to the other side of the Pass into Spiti valley. The views on to another side of the pass starts changing vary dramatically and the landscape-the green side of the Kullu valley is suddenly replaced by dry dessert of Spiti valley. Moving further you can view the ranges of Dibibokri and Kulu Makalu which looks very fascinating and eye catchy as the mountain ranges are covered with snow throughout the year. We will have to walk through the snow filed and glacier slowly and carefully. The area is rich in wildlife and has been declared as a Pin valley National Park with the habitat for snow leopard, musk deer and Ibex. You can see the ibex in big heards on this side of the valley. We will arrive at our campsite in Spiti valley by late afternoon. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp, rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we continue our trek down into the Spiti valley. The trail is not well defined and we should keep to the left to Pin River. The views keep on changing as we walk down in Spiti. Enroute we might meet the shepherds which come to these mountains in the summers to graze their sheep and yaks. Evening tea and snacks will be prepared freshly and served to you in the camp - Wichurang Thatch (3,840 metres / 12,600 ft) (Trek 10 kms / 4 -5 hrs), rest of the time free to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Today after the breakfast we will walk down in Spiti valley to Mud village - (3,800 metres / 12,467 ft) (Trek 10 kms / 4-5 hrs). Soon we will meet a newly build rough road. This is the place from where another beautiful trek route takes you from Spiti valley to Kafnoo village in Kinnaur valley over Bhaba pass trek and further drive to Shimla via Rampur and Narkanda. We continue our walk through following the road or even we can cross the river through a wooden bridge to our right hand side and can walk through the pasturelands to Mud village. Soon we would be able to see an oasis in the middle of the dessert and this is Mud, the first village in Spiti valley. Check in to your guest house here and after refreshments there is free time to explore the area. Dinner and overnight in guest house.

Today after breakfast we will be met by our driver and we will drive you to Tabo - (3,050 metres / 10,007 ft) (Drive 65 kms / 3-4 hrs) . Enroute we will visit the Kungri Monastery and Dhankar village, monastery and fort. Further we continue our drive to Tabo famous for the oldest monastery in The entire Himalayas(996 A.D). we will check in to our guest house. Evening free to explore the nearby area by foot.

Today morning after the breakfast we will visit Tabo monastery and later on we will drive you to Kaza - (3,600 metres / 11,812 ft) (Drive 50 kms / 2 hrs) the headquarters of Spiti valley. After many days today you will have the chances to use internet or to buy the things of your need in Kaza market. Rest of the day is free, as per your choice.

After the breakfast at your hotel we will leave for a tour of Langza village and Komic village (4,275 Metres / 14,026 feet), considered to be one of the highest villages in the world. We will take a short walk around Langza village to notice the life of local people and later on drive to Kee Monastery and the village of Kibber - (4,205 metres / 13,796 ft) (Drive 18 kms / 2 hrs). There is also the option to walk to the nearby mountains where there are big herds of Himalayan blue sheep and snow ibex gather in the evening. Lunch will be at Kibber village, in a local restaurant, where you will be offered a choice of delicious Tibetan dishes. Overnight stay in a guest house at Kibber.

Today we will make an early start as it is the longest day’s journey driving to Manali (10 hrs). On the way we will stop for breakfast, and then for lunch. Today we will cross two mountains passes. On Kunzum Pass, 4,550 metres we will also visit the temple, where travellers say prayers before heading down the pass. We will visit Chandra Lake also if the road is open. This lake is also known as the lake of the moon. Lunch at Batal, in a road side food shop where freshly cooked Indian food is served. Later on we will continue our journey and we will cross another mountain pass Rohtang pass (3,980 metres) and enter into the Kullu valley. We will be reaching Manali in the evening and check in at the hotel/ guest house.

Today you will make a late start after a leisurely breakfast. We will drive you to Naggar village to visit the Naggar castle. Naggar used to be the old capital of Kullu. We will visit Naggar castle and the famous Nicholas Roerich art gallery. Later on we will return back to Manali. In the evening we will visit Old Manali village, where you can have your dinner in a local restaurant. Rest of the time free to explore the Manali market and shops.

Today early morning 6:00 A.M we will leave for New Delhi. We will drive you to Kalka railway station through Kullu, Bhuntar, pandoh Dam, and Mandi. We will make various comfort breaks including breakfast and lunch break and will arrive Kalka railway station by 05:00 P.M to board the super fast Shatabdi Express (air conditioned) train to New Delhi. We will board the train from Kalka in late evening (5:30 P.M.) and reach Delhi by night (10:00 P.M.). Dinner is served to you on this first class express train. Reaching Delhi railway station you will we transferred to the hotel. Overnight in hotel at Delhi.

After breakfast there is free time in Delhi. You may wish to go shopping in the shops and markets of Delhi, with your guide (or without guide – that’s up to you.) we will visit some of the famous sights of Delhi. We will take a walking tour of the Old Delhi covering the Chandani Chowk market, historic Red Fort. If interested we will arrange for a bicycle rickshaw ride in old Delhi or a Tuk- Tuk ( Three wheeler ) ride in New Delhi for you. We will also visit Gandhi Smriti, also known as the Birla house where –Mahatma Gandhi had lived the last 144 days of his life from 09 September 1947 to 30 January 1948 when he was assassinated in 78th year of life at Birla House Prayer Grounds by Nathuram Godse . Thus, the house treasures many memories of his life. Return back to your hotel in the evening. Overnight stay and dinner in the hotel in Delhi. Tonight or next early morning you will be assisted and will be transfer to the international airport at New Delhi to board your return flight.

This is where the tour ends. However, if you wish to stay longer in Delhi we can make arrangements for you to be transferred to the airport at a later time.

End of the services and the tour…!

The Pin Parvati Trek can also be started from Mud village in Pin valley which is the part of Spiti valley. A minimum of three day of acclimatization is recommended for this trek at a height of 2,200 metres or above. This is a suggested itinerary (based on our regular tour programme). Changes can be made into the suggested itinerary (Driving & acclimatization part) accordingly to your choice and time availability and we would like to discuss plans with clients and can make suggestions about special places to visit depending your choice and time availability. The itinerary is planned in such a way that you gain height gradually and gets a good time to acclimatize very well while trekking in the Himalayas.


You will follow the itinerary as a private tour, accompanied by one of our excellent Guides/ tour escorts through out the trip. Internal travel chauffeur-driven luxury jeep / car.


You stay in comfortable mid range hotels, guest houses, home stay including 08 nights in the tented accommodation during the Pin Parvati Pass trek

Meal plans: Breakfast + Lunch & Dinner including mineral water

Cloths: Cottons with Woollens.

Tour Cost
The cost of the package is on Demand and based on no of Pax
  • All tour and sightseeing by Cab / Train / Volovo / Flight (Based on Tour & Location)
  • Hotel Accommodation Including Taxes & GST at Standard / Deluxe / Luxury hotels as per your choice of the tour package and budget
  • Daily buffet Breakfast and Dinner included during the tour stay
  • Welcome Drink & Traditional Welcome based on tour package and budget
  • Any kind of Lunch / Extra food, Laundry, Phone Call Charges
  • Any kind of Adventure Activity, Rides, Entry Tickets etc.
  • Any thing that not mentioned in Inculsions

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