Incredible India, is enriched with local Handicrafts and cultural heritage that draws tourists all over the world to India in a large number. Many Indian States reflect the blend of Mughal, Dutch, Portuguese, French, British and the Tribal cultural Heritage through their art crafts and lifestyle, as these states were once controlled by them. Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Goa, Ladakh, Andamans, Kullu, Cochin, Pondicherry and many other parts and states will give you the feeling that Indian culture is matchless and charming. We will plan your Handicraft and cultural tour to India in a perfect way so that you can feel the diversities of Indian Handicrafts and Cultural Heritage.

India is a combination of rich culture, heritage and legacy which has been passed down from ages. It is the land of the virtuous sages and royal family’s which tributes the color full life and perpetual traditions. The people carry on with the heritage of their own lands and the striking constructions.

India is a country where they still make things, both useful and decorative by hand using simple traditional tools often in almost the same manner that they did centuries ago. There are many different handicraft tours to India, but Summit Safari India customise and offer specially designed private Handicraft and Cultural Heritage tours to India which covers multiple regions of India and basically focus on the handicrafts, textile, metal craft, wood crafts, jewellery tours to India, or even take you to discover tribal crafts tour where you can see the local craft men and artisans working on some of the lesser know and famous Handicrafts and textiles of India.

Our unique holiday, handicraft tour to India, we take you from some of the most popular routes to explore the off the beaten track to the rural villages of India, where you can discovered some traditional textile techniques which honour the ethnic culture of the country. It's even possible to go on a handicraft buyer's tour, for those who are interested in importing handicrafts and textiles of India, may be for themselves or to start their own handicrafts and textile business.

You can simply buy directly from the local crafts men during the tours, so your money directly benefits the local craft men in the area you are visiting. Your trip to India would be incomplete without getting a glimpse of the beautiful Indian handicrafts that depict the mind-blowing talent of its craftsmen.

You do experience the culture, tradition and natural beauty along with the forts, monuments and the Handicraft tours of India.

India Handicraft and Cultural Journey

India Handicraft and Cultural Journey

13 Nights / 14 Days

Location : North India
Best Season : October to April

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