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Postpone Your Trip, Or Receive a Refund Back

In Case Of Cancellation Due To Lockdown or Travel Restrictions

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We understand that travellers may be hesitant to commit to a holiday many months in advance, so our Flexible Booking Policy will apply for all reservations. We’re committed to giving you choice and flexibility for any trip you book with us. We’re here to take all the uncertainty out of your planning and give you the utmost confidence to book your holidays with us. In Case Of Any Sudden Travel Restrictions Or Lockdown Implemented by The Government at your home place / country of source or at the destination you Planned to Travel; We'll give you the option to Postpone Your Trip, Or to receive a refund back. You may alter your ground travel plans later, free of charge, as long as the original tour departure date is outside of 90 days.

What Happens If Your Government Travel Advisory Don’t Allow You To Travel

We'll keep a check that your tour meets the following criteria, for you to be able to travel as planned. Due to sudden travel restrictions by the government, if it doesn’t, we’ll give you the best options for how to change your travel plans entirely or partially. You can still choose to postpone your trip or Cancel your trip. You are eligible for a Flexible Booking Policy in below conditions:

Your source of Origin, your country or the destination you planned is on the government's red list.

Current Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) / your government don’t allows you to travel to your destination.

Your final travel destination demand quarantining on arrival or implements any travel restrictions.

Postpone a Tour Due to Travel Restrictions

Due to any sudden travel restrictions at your home place or at the destination you Planned to Travel – You think you are not comfortable in travelling, or it would not be possible for you to carry forward with your travel plans, in such case you can request to postpone your tour for the time, situation become normal - in the next 12 months.

Postpone of your tour, will not cost you any extra amount, and the Cost for your tour will remain the same as quoted, even if any part of the tour arrangements like transportation, accommodation price may increase in near future. The only factor to keep in mind is that you need to postpone your tour for the same season/ off season—as cost for tours in season and off season may vary and changing from off season time to season time may affect increase of tour cost.

In such case of "postpone trip" we will not deduct any amount and will postpone your tour further, which you can book any time at the notice of minimum 45 days or more, but to avail the above benefit we must have received minimum 50 % of the tour amount as advance from you.

Alteration of A tour during Covid-19

Under our Policy "Book with Confidence: Our Flexibility Promise" during these uncertain times of Covid -19, you may alter your ground travel plans, free of charge, as long as the original tour departure date is outside of 90 days.

Claim a refund back in case of - cancellation of tour due to travel restrictions

In Case you Don't want to Postpone your Trip, Want to cancel your planned Tour and Want Your Money Refund Back due to travel restrictions or lockdown by the government – In such case we will deduct flat 20% from the total tour amount and transfer your balance amount back to your bank account. It might take 15-20 working days to make all cancellations and transferring refunds back to your bank account.

Note: The retention of 20 % will cover the unseen expenses of cancelled airline tickets, train tickets, advance paid to hotels, wildlife safaris, office expenses etc.“ The Above Booking With Confidence : Our Flexible Cancellation Policy” Applies in Case of Lockdown or Travel Restrictions by State/ National Government Only – and can’t be claimed earlier than 70 days and later than 30 days before starting your tour dates.

Important: You should take out adequate travel insurance to cover this eventuality.

In case you want to postpone you tour for later than 12 months- it is possible, but the tour cost will increase by 10 % in such case as the hotel prices, monument entrance charges and transportation charges may increase after a year.

Cancellation of Flight tickets and wildlife safari tickets may cost little extra than the flat 20%, in some cases.

Hope we are able to provide you all of the required information that you are in need of your prospective tour package. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to have any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact on 919805051102 or email us

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