After much consideration and encouragement from clients, we are very proud to announce a new venture in Home stays and Village tourism in India. As the part of the Home stays you will be staying in village homes with the local Indian families, which in itself is a very unique travel experience. Highly recommended tour itineraries for First Time visitor to India and also for the people who are returning back to India again. People from all age groups can take these comfortable soft adventure cultural tours and Nature tours to India.

These tours offer you a chance to see the Indian villages or to experience the local life of Indians from very closely. The idea behind the home stay and India Rural tour is to give an understanding of life of the people in the India to you, in a very comfortable environment.

Your guide will be there with you at all times to translate. You will spend a couple of nights in some of the villages that we visit, with your hosts who are incredibly friendly and hospitable Indian family who live in the Foothills Of Himalayas.

We will visit different communities and you will see at first hand the way in which the villagers live. Your guide will explain to you their beliefs and their customs, including the role of women in their society, their superstitions, their religion and caste system and the problems that they face, and you will be able to ask questions through him.

Besides talking to them, they will provide you with typical village food , neat and clean comfortable place to sleep and will provide you great Indian Hospitality. We try and eat in the villages that we visit, the food being typically what the villagers themselves eat. Your living arrangements are not going to be 5 star, but we do believe that we cater to people requiring different levels of comfort, and most importantly where you stay is CLEAN and COMFORTABLE with a combination of Traditional and Modern living arrangements.

These are the very people who have kept the traditions alive. Traditional arts and crafts and many of the villages have their own textile, pottery and craft producing families. The local folklore; performing artists – story tellers, singers and dancers. This is a very diverse society and will provide a fascinating and unique experience for the tourist. There is peace and tranquility in Indian countryside, music and dance, and cuisine is authentic and richly varied.

During your stay in the village, you won’t just observe and learn about life in the village but we encourage you to actively take part in village activities such as ploughing, sowing, harvesting, collection of firewood and fodder, cow herding, goat care, cooking, mat and basket making, blacksmithing, wash clothes with hands, learn to carry water on your head, play games with the children, and perhaps teach them some of your songs or rhymes. Live with the local people and if interested learn how to make home-made noodles, traditional food, cheese, yoghurt, butter, tea. Visiting schools, hens designs on palms, local boat rides, village walks, interacting with local people are some of the highlights of these interesting tours in India.

We also ensure that the villagers benefit directly from your visit, so it is helpful to them to have your visit. When you stay in a Home stay not only do your hosts benefit but many more in the same village. Your money will pay others for their contribution of food, song, dance and transport etc.

So come and explore village lifestyles whilst being hosted by local Indian families. A fascinating combination of village home stays with a chance to participate in, and observe village activities in Himalayan backgrounds with us. We will show you some of the less explored areas of India, during these Eco tourism Home Stay tours India, where you will experience the real culture of these joyful, gentle, warm hearted people from India and will get a introduction to a very different aspect of India that you have heard about, but never experienced…!