Shimla 2,250 metres (7,380 ft.), also spelt “Simla” is a beautiful hill station, is the capital town of Himachal Pradesh and it lies in the North Western part of Himalayas, in the North India. This beautiful hill station is situated on a transverse spur of the Central Himalayas and is also considered as the gateway to Central Himalayas and Greater Himalayas.

The mysterious charm of this paradise beckons those who are eager to explore forbidden lands, and meet the people steadfastly protecting their old tradition and culture with a vibrant religion.  It is one of the best starting points for Jeep Safari Tours and many Treks into the Greater Himalayas. During the time of British Raj ( rule) in India, Sir John Lawrence, Viceroy of India, decided to take the trouble of moving the administration twice a year between Calcutta and Simla over 1,000 miles away and declared Simla the summer capital of India in 1864.

The Kalka-Shimla Toy railway line, 96.54 km (59.99 miles) was opened for trains on November 9, 1903, added to Simla’s accessibility and popularity. The railway route from Kalka to Simla, with more than 806 bridges and 103 tunnels was touted as an engineering feat and came to be known as the “British Jewel of the Orient”. In July 2008, it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mountain railways of India. The entire route offers a panoramic view of the picturesque villages of the Foot hills of Himalayas from Kalka station 6, 56 meters (2,152 ft) to Simla station 2,076 meters (6,811 ft).  It is one of the longest narrow gauge railway routes still operating in India

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Originally Simla, used to be a small village by 1806, when for the very first time British community reached Simla. At the time this small village was know by the name of Shyamla, slowly- slowly britishers they start spelling it Simla and after independence of India (1947), the local people they start spelling it Shimla. Now everybody spells Simla or Shimla but very few people remember the original name “Shyamla”.

During the ‘Hot Weather’, Simla was also the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the British Indian Army and many Departments of the Government, as well as being the summer capital of the regional Government of the Punjab. Pre-independence structures still dot Shimla; buildings such as the Vice regal Lodge, Auckland House, Gorton Castle, Peterhoff ,Command House, Town Hall, Christ Church of Simla, Municipal Administration building and Gaiety Theater Building. Most of the heritage buildings in the city are preserved in their original architecture. The Vice regal lodge which houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Gaiety Theater still used by the local dramatic clubs, and Wildflower Hall that is now a luxury hotel are some of the famous ones.

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Now a popular relaxed, hassle free, tourist destination, Simla is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills,” The town experiences pleasant summers and cold, snowy winters. The hill town provides an escape not only from heat, but also from native culture of plains. The mall road and Lakkar bazaar (wooden market) of Shimla are the famous shopping streets where innumerable handicrafts are available. The traditional local woven pashmina shawls, Himachali caps and “pullen” (local slippers made of dry grass with beautiful thread designs on top) are the most popular and authentic to buy.

A place of peace and pleasure, with the blue sky with fresh air, quite of the mountains, the hassle free atmosphere, fine walks through oak, Cedar wood and flowering rhododendron forests, the terrace fields in the countrysides, fruit orchards, simple minded warm hearted people – truthful in character, panoramic views of the snow clad mountain ranges of the Himalayas, easy reach, make Shimla an attractive destination throughout the year and add much more to your tour. You can go camping, play golf, go for a nature walk, a heritage walk, or take a jeep safari through the beautiful countryside’s or just plan a restful holiday in the hill station. All you have to do is make up your mind and select your own activity!

Best way to admire the environment of Shimla is to take the walks / hikes, in the hills and mountains around the Shimla town.

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Shimla is ideal for walks, and life revolves around the busy Scandal point and Mall Road in the centre of town, which all has to be covered on foot instead of driving.