Jaipur (413 meters / 1355 feet) also popularly known as the Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan state, in North India. Jaipur is the first well planned city of India. The City was Founded on 18 November 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber, after whom the city is named. The city was planned according to Indian Vastu Shastra (Vedic Planning) for the comfort and prosperity of the citizens. For the time, architecture of the town was very advanced and certainly the best in Indian subcontinent.

In 1853, when the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur, the whole city was painted pink to welcome him during the regime of Sawai Ram Singh. Today, avenues remain painted in pink, provide a distinctive appearance to the city and providing it , it’s English name “The Pink City”.

Jaipur today has a population of more than 3.1 million residents. Every year, People throughout the world come to experience this royal capital city of Rajasthan. Jaipur is a city of vibrant colors and markets (bazaars). Jaipur’s colorful markets offer a great break to stop and shop on you tour. Usually tourists include shopping and visiting the lively markets of Jaipur in their itinerary. While moving through the markets, you will come across the vivacious culture of this region.

Jaipur is a treasure trove for shoppers, shopping is irresistible, a wide range of handicrafts are available in the market, and most of items are produced in the canters in and around the city. The city is one of the most important centres in the world for cutting and polishing precious and semi precious stones, particularly that of diamonds, topaz and emeralds. Jaipur enjoys a high reputation for the manufacture of jewellery. It is one of the most active jewel markets of the world. Jaipur brass work is of immaculate quality. The Jaipur brass worker is successful in infusing life like charm into the dull metal. Jaipur is the perfect place to shop for Handicrafts, antiques, miniature paintings, jewellery, gem stones, pottery, carpets, textiles, metalwork and leatherwear.

Jaipur has much to offer visitors — everything from pageants and festivals to extraordinarily clad people, a wealth of handicrafts, a royal legacy of palaces, and sightseeing — that will occupy your time. All of Jaipur is an architectural gem, and no scheduled sight seeing can even hope to do justice to this rare city.

All these features make Jaipur, one of the most sought after tourist destinations of Rajasthan, India. The glorious city boasts of its cultural heritage from every nook and corner. Jaipur is the reservoir of Indian customs, traditions, civilization and legacy. On the Golden Triangle tourist circuit of India, along with Delhi and Agra, Jaipur is an extremely popular tourist destination in India.