holiday Types

Family Holidays

We are very happy to arrange holidays for families. Summit Safaris is dedicated to providing a life-enhancing and hassle free way to see India with your loved ones. We offer a personalized and flexible service and will help you to design your own tour, at your own pace. You can share the pleasure of a holiday with your children and grandchildren - there are no restrictions on age - and we will tailor our suggestions to suit different age groups.

Single Travelers/Women Travelers

Single travelers or women Travelers are very welcome too, and would be absolutely safe with us. Traveling solo doesn't mean being alone We take especial trouble to ensure that they are escorted in any places in which they might feel uncomfortable being alone, and we have the welfare and comfort of single travelers / women travelers very much in mind at all times.

Private Groups

If you have a group of friends or relatives, or are part of a club or organization, and would like to travel on a private tour, you can make your own group. There is no minimum number of people. We can provide you with a ready made itinerary or you can tell us where you would like to go and we will make suggestions for an itinerary around these places. We will also let you know if we think there are places of interest close by where you want to go, so that you don't miss out on sites of interest. Even Group travel provides a flexible travel experience that can also be tailored for the group. We don’t cram every day with group activities but leave you plenty of time to explore or relax, by yourselves The ethos of Summit Safaris is to provide escorted/guided unique and stylish small group tours that combine the highlights of the region with some of the lesser known wonders. We opt for quality rather than quantity, and use guides with a passion for travel and knowledge of their particular region.

Tailor-made Tours

Even with our wide variety of options Summit Safaris know that there are times when only a tailor made trip will satisfy your needs, whether you are a single traveler, planning family holidays or organizing a tour for your own special group. We are happy to work out tailor-made itineraries with clients; generally, we like to discuss plans with clients and can make suggestions about special places to visit depending on our clients' interests, and available time. For example, some clients like to see buildings of the great Indian Rulers, like Akbar and Shah Jahan, others to see the architecture of the British Raj, as in Delhi and Simla. Or some clients are interested in our wonderful temples, music, and textiles or some would just like to taste the local culture and traditions. Whatever your special interests are, we will plan a holiday to suit. With our suggestions we can help you to plan a personalized and flexible vacation for yourself or for your group. Tailor-made holidays are designed to offer you flexibility so you can travel to your desired destinations when you want and at your pace.

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