Duration: 14 Days / 13 Night’s

Location: North India – Amritsar with Himachal Pradesh

Best season:Whole Year Through, Especially Mid September to May.
(It is suggested not to take this tour in between from 20 Dec. to 15 Feb. due to cold weather in Shimla.)

Category: Cultural, Heritage, Nature and Authentic Indian Tour.

Covering: Delhi > Amritsar > Dharamshala > Kangra valley home stay > Rewalser > Shimla.

You can take it: As a private, personalise tour with an escorting Guide (tour dates would be of your choice).

Special about the tour:
This leisurely, relaxing and flexible tour really offers you a chance to experience life as it is lived in rural India and to see and hear about the traditions and culture of the people living in these Foothills of Himalayas. While exploring the towns and villages of lower Himalayas we will visit the beautiful Golden Temple of Amritsar – the famous Sikh Shrine gilded with Gold, a memorable visit to India Pakistan border at Wagha, visit Dharamshala (Mcleodganj) famous as the home to Dalai Lama Ji – who is the religious head of Buddhist’s, Shimla famous for the heritage buildings related to British Raj, where you will also ride the famous World Heritage Kalka Shimla Mountain Railways Of India. You will also Kangra Valley in the foothills of Himalayas, where Heritage Village Pragpur is located, replete with history. It is the home of the famous Kangra school of painting and probably the world’s – most certainly India’s – oldest ruling lineage comes from here.

There are no hassles on the tour and every day there is plenty of free time so you can experience each destination in your way. This tour is a fascinating combination of driving through the towns and villages as well as it provides you a chance to walk through the country sides and villages with remarkably clear and luminous air. At the end of the tour you will spend your time wondering, hiking and relaxing in the colonial town of Shimla- the capital of Himachal Pradesh

In Kangra valley you will be provided with a taste of rural India and you will spend a couple of nights in some of the villages that we visit, in a home stay, with your hosts being an incredibly friendly and hospitable Indian family. A fascinating combination of village home stays with a chance to participate in, and observe village activities in Himalayan backgrounds. We also ensure that the villagers benefit directly from your visit, so it is helpful to them to have you visit.

Your guide will explain to you their beliefs and their customs, including the role of women in their society, their superstitions, their religion and caste system, marriage system and you will be able to ask questions through him. You will really experience life as it is lived in rural India, and see and hear about the traditions and culture of the people living in these foothills of Himalayas from your guide, as he will be happy to interpret. We will visit different communities and you will see at first hand the way in which the people live every day.

The tour is more focused on the rural India, so you can enjoy and experience the Authentic India and its people, at your own pace, rather than visiting the crowded cities or the Urban centers of India. So come and experience the Foothills of Himalayas with us..!

Brierf itinerary
Delhi > Amritsar > Dharamshala > Kangra valley Home stay > Rewalser > Shimla > and Back to Delhi