India is a land of varied topography which consists of plains, deserts, beaches, mountains, rivers, valleys, wildlife and exotic flora and fauna. For those who want to view nature hidden within the beautiful landscapes of India, Authentic India Tours by Summit Safari Travels is the perfect option.

Our Authentic tours to India attract nature, culture and adventure seekers from all parts of the world and helps you to discover those aspects of the country which you have heard or read about, but never seen.

These Customised tours to India are specially designed for our Inbound clients in such a way that the tour to India suits the interest of all kind of travellers. These tours package to India are carefully designed with a combination of Rural India Tour — Off beat Tour Destinations in India and the tours to the famous destination of India to get around the famous cities, towns, historical landmarks, forts and palaces.

Every day on your holidays to India you will not just travel through the country by luxury chuffer driven cars/ jeep, but you will meet local people, have a cup of tea with them and share your thoughts with them, and listen to them.

Our Private tours to India takes you to the interior of a village or a town, provides a chance to meet with the people living in the areas we are visiting and understand their culture. In fact, travelling this way not only ensures great excitement but you also get the chance to see much more in less time. On the India personal tours we stop at villages and camps on the way to get an insight into the daily life of the local / nomadic people.

Your vacations are designed to offer you flexibility so you can travel when you want and at your own pace. There is plenty of free time so you can experience each destination in your way. You will really experience life as it is lived in India, and see and hear about the traditions and culture of the people living in these villages.
Our Customise holiday packages to India has gained immense popularity , as you travel with your own experienced driver at the speed that suits you and allows you to combine your visit with travelling and walking. The tours accompanied by an English speaking guide, as per your choice at the time of booking.

These Authentic Indian trips take the traveller to the heart of India by routes which have been planned to make the best adventure, in the most comfortable and memorable way. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of an awe-inspiring landscape which is unparalleled and unforgettable. We assure you they will be holidays of a life-time!
The same tours after some alteration could also be taken as the Jeep Safari Tours to India, Jeep safari tours to Himachal, Jeep Safari Tours to Spiti and Ladakh valleys Jeep safari tours to Indian Himalayas..!